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1. Before moving or disassembly, please remove any stored items or debris from the top and underneath the pool table. We will need to inspect it before we start. We also need 4-5 feet cleared around the pool table before any assembly/disassembly for tools and to lay the table parts.  

2. When moving or re-assembly, please have the room selected that your pool table will reside and not wait until we get there. Measure and ensure we have enough room to work as well. If you need help deciding the best spot for the table, we will gladly make recommendations.  

3. If you are going to store your table, make sure the storage area is ready. Slate is best stored vertically or leaning against a wall. You will need to provide your own storage blankets. We will take ours with us.  

4. Make sure your driveway or entrance area is clear and available to use for moving your table. This means snow and ice shoveled and walks salted. If there is a snowstorm or heavy thunderstorms/lightning in progress, we may have to re-schedule for safety reasons.  

5. If you have floors that you are don’t want shoes walking on, please have them covered before we start. We will not be removing shoes as it is a safety hazard to work with tools and heavy parts without them. Shoe coverings for carrying heavy and bulky items in or out of the house are also a safety hazard.

6. Ensure children and animals are excluded from the work area and the entry/exit paths. Again, heavy parts, power tools (drills, torches, electric staplers, razor blades, etc) and fume heavy commercial adhesives are a danger to children and animals. Thank you for understanding. 

5. We don’t charge extra for you watching us. It is interesting to see how it is done. We need to concentrate on doing excellent work for you, so constant disruptions are extra (time is money).  

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